Using Video Advertising To Promote Your Business

video_advertisingThis IS the next big thing for small to medium companies!

National companies and larger organisations have used television to effectively promote their goods and services for years, well before the evolution of the camcorder.   They have done this because the impact of their targeted message is far greater when their target audience is allowed to see, hear and experience it.  But television advertising has generally been the domain of companies with large advertising budgets, as the cost of air space and production is prohibitive to many small & medium sized businesses.

Not anymore!

The rapid growth of YouTube has clearly shown that anyone with the will to do it can create a video, either at a base level or even at an intermediate level.  Today, professional looking videos can be created by utilising any one of the many video editing software tools available, some of which are free and many others are relatively inexpensive.

YouTube is primarily an entertainment channel, however since its success, businesses are starting to realise the full potential of video advertising. Wampit® is at the forefront of this online revolution, and has built a very simple registration process that allows you to create a business listing and showcase your business video in minutes completely free of charge.  Although the old saying “a picture paints a thousand words” is an accepted statement in the world of advertising, we believe the statement “a video paints a thousand pictures” will shortly supersede this.

Here’s the science bit (now concentrate)!

The IAB and Price Waterhouse Coopers stated in Sept 2009 that online Ad spend had surpassed TV for the first time ever, and separately, eMarketer has revealed that online video advertising will be the area that grows the most over the next 5 years with a projected increase of 46.2% this year and a continued, average growth of 39% over the next 5 years.

It is believed that video advertising can generate a 300% increase in leads when compared with conventional advertising, which certainly supports the reason for the growth we have already seen, and also underpins the forecasted expectations for the future of online video advertising.

Decisions & Choices!

So how do you go about creating your own business video, and where can you go online to promote it.  Let’s break these areas down further:

Creating your own business video:

  • Decide what you want to shoot:
    • First, think about what you want to promote through video, is it a premises, a service, a specific product or everything?  Remember, the more you decide to include in your video, the more complicated and time consuming the process will be.


  • Choose your equipment:
    • What equipment do you have available?  Many camcorders and digital cameras are capable of taking high quality video (some in HD), even some mobile devices such as the iPhone take good quality video.  I know it’s obvious, but make sure you have a tripod or a solid level surface if you want to avoid camera shake when filming


  • Get filming:
    • Run some test clips, to make sure you are happy with the lighting etc before trying to film the entire shot
    • Keep it short and to the point.  Just film the elements you want to get across, less can be more in video advertising.
    • Here’s some suggestions:
      • If you are a restaurant/pub/club, steadily pan your camera round you premises when busy so people get a real feel for the ambience of your place
      • If you have a showroom, again pan the camera steadily around a 360° angle.
      • If you offer a service or trade then film people at work or create two short clips (a before and after clip) then join the clips together using a video editing package.


  •  Edit your video if necessary:
    • You may have taken you video in one take and be ready to upload it, however if not, and you want to edit it, you will need to use some editing software.  Most editing software is pretty intuitive for basic tasks and should not be feared.  Below are two effective basic video editing packages that you could consider for Mac & PC:

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