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Today we are going to be looking at videos, and we are not talking about watching 80’s action movies on VHS.

Our guest blogger – Perry Stevens of Blend Local Search Marketing is going to explain why every business should be using videos as part of their online marketing strategy.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is the value of an online video?  Well, because of the low costs of production and the exposure your business can achieve online, I would say video is both inexpensive and invaluable.

Gone are the days when you needed to hire a producer, director, storyboard artist, actor, extras, sound, lighting, editors etc to make your company video.  Companies have spent small fortunes in the past on these show-reels that no one has ever seen.  Today you can get amazing results from Flipvideos, cameras and even smartphones.  It’s a case of keeping things simple and being a little creative.

Why Use Video Marketing for Business?

Videos can be used for your business to engage with your viewers about new products, services, offers, interviews and how to.  They are also very good for online SEO, you see, Google love video!  Google love video so much they bought the company – YouTube for $1.65 in 2006.

Now YouTube is the second largest search engine with over 2 billion views a day in 2011.

Over 3 million people are auto sharing their videos on YouTube with other social sites like Facebook and twitter.

Videos work for your business 24/7.

If you don’t like talking to the camera you can ask one of your employees to represent you online.  However, if you are a business owner, I would recommend that you get in front of the camera so your potential customers get to know, like and trust you through video.  By the time these prospects walk through the door of your shop or restaurant they will already have a rapport with you, such is the power of the moving image (you don’t have to watch yourself on the video if you don’t want too).

Most PCs and Macs have simple to use video making software built in. You can easily make eye-catching movies with a combination of PowerPoint Presentations and iMovies or Windows Movie Maker.  If you are feeling a little bit more creative then record yourself giving an introduction to your Powerpoint video and combine the two.

Keep your videos on focus and between 30 to 90 seconds long.  At the end of the video have a ‘call to action’, i.e. tell the viewer what to do next, e.g. ‘Click the link below’, ‘Join us at‘  or direct them to your social media pages, or ask them to write a review on your favourite business directory (yes, I mean Wampit)!

Now you have produced a video you need to host it online for the entire world to see.  YouTube is the best place to start but there are dozens of other video hosting sites too.  Try Vimeo, Daily Motion and Photobucket to name but three.

To allow your potential customers to find your video easily you will need to know what keywords they are using to find products and services in your area.  Use ‘Google Keyword Tool’ to shortlist 5 good keywords to use for your Video SEO.  Ideally they should have little competition and high search rates.

A Proven Local Business Video Marketing Strategy

If you follow my SEO and Video marketing strategy below, you’ll be 95% ahead of your competition with video marketing.  This is the same YouTube Video Marketing strategy we use to get our clients multiple listings in Google.

To get more views and to see your videos appearing in Google SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) follow these 7 simple but very effective steps below:

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